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1098cc Engine – Reconditioned Lead Free – Special Edition

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1 in stock


Reconditioned 1098cc Engine Special Edition – Oil filler cap and decals not included. Other auxilleries not included.

This is an uprated Freeflow system. The engine would be fitted with a gas flowed ported cylinder head, also a fast road camshaft would be fitted together with duplex timing gears.

For the best results on this Engine we also suggest purchasing:

DST111SE – Distributor Assembly with Electronic ignition matched to the camshaft

CRB256RE – HIF44 Carb.

AIR3124 – Air Filter Element – Metro

AIR3125 – Metro Housing Air Filter

13M303SS – Three Branch Exhaust Manifold – Stainless Steel

EXH1002B – Front Silencer – Large Bore – 1.5 Inch Mild Steel

EXH1002C – Exhaust Tailpipe – Large Bore – 1.5 Inches Mild Steel

Please Purchase SUR250 – Surcharge £250 when ordering this item. Your order will not be processed by our parts department unless SUR250 is included.

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Dimensions 100 × 80 × 80 cm