Since its introduction in 1948, the Morris Minor has always been used for its original purpose as an everyday motor car. It has never been out of fashion in spite of the many advances in technology that have taken place over the last 63 years. Even as it reaches Classic status it maintains its place as a practical working car.

Indeed, its simple reliable technology and structural durability have underpinned its appeal to motorists who are fed up with the increasing complexity of modern motor cars, their inevitable rapid financial depreciation and built in obsolescence.

The principal reason for the Morris Minor’s continuing success is that the designer, Sir Alec Issigonis (whose next car was the revolutionary Mini) came up with such an advanced car. The handling characteristics, light steering, structural safety and mechanical reliability are still more than acceptable for today’s motoring. Its friendly and timeless shape is a design icon that has never needed to be changed for changes’ sake.

The pictures below are some of the many scans taken from original sales literature and give a fascinating insight into both social and Morris Minor history.

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